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Bottle nippleitis 

Some women love to shop, others are crazy about bags, or shoes and then there is me, the bottle woman.  No, not the alcoholic kind of bottle (well if it’s Wildberry pass it over quickly), but baby bottles. 

 Having exclusively breastfeed my first six children I was somewhat of a virgin when it came to the whole formula feeding event.  I figured you just pour the formula into a bottle, feed the offspring and viola!  Baby fed, baby happy, baby sleeping – NOT!

 Oh no there is much more to this bottle feeding thing and the first obstacle one must overcome is the actual bottle itself.  It is truly amazing how many different types of baby bottles there are out there and the marketing strategies used to sell these bottles, yet even though I had knowledge of this I become victim to a strange baby bottle obsession.

The first bottle I used was the Medela bottle.  I had the bottle already because it came with my very fancy, very expensive breast pump.  This worked well, however I soon realized I would need to use two different bottles because I was mixing them up between Thatcher and Tanner.  Not good.

So it began.  I stood in the aisle of the store for over forty minutes trying to decide which bottle would be best.  There were the ones that claimed to practically cure colic due to the new ‘air vent’ system – uh huh sure.  Then there are the Playtex bottles with the drop in bags, bottles with the angled neck, the wide nipple that apparently is just like mother’s breast, latex nipples, silicone nipples, plastic bottles, glass bottles (who the hell would want a glass bottle?) 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 9oz and 10oz sizes and the prices ranging from $2 – $18 dollars – for just one bottle.  Shit this was complicated!

I settled on the cute little Gerber bottles with the latex nipple and different coloured nipple rings so I could colour code the twin’s bottles, but a few days later I was convinced that Thatcher really didn’t like this bottle, so I got him the advent bottle with the wide nipple.  Done.  Or so I thought.  I couldn’t help myself, every time I was in a store I HAD to check out the baby bottles and buy a different kind as I was convinced that they would be better than what they were already using.  It was clearly obvious (at least to me) that Thatcher preferred the wide nipple and Tanner the regular size.  Just because they are identical twins doesn’t mean they like the same bottle. 

An obsession that I call Bottle nippleitis emerged its ugly head. I would go to the store and replace the bottles I had been using with a new and improved one.  The hubby thought I was completely bonkers but being the husband to a post partum wife who had just given birth to twins he didn’t dare complain about the money being spent – that would be way too dangerous.

Two months later I have three bags full of different bottles that have barely been used and have finally settled on a bottle and nipple that I like – The twins haven’t officially let me know but I am pretty sure they like their bottles as well.  As for me telling you the brand and type of bottles I haven’t traded in yet well that isn’t going to happen.  I don’t need you to be influenced by my craziness.

What about you?  Have you ever been obsessed over a baby or child product?  What was it?  How did you get over it?

Until next time, mom2crazy8monkeys



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We all have this image of what motherhood is about and whether it is that of the Super Working Mom, the Sports Mom, the Earth Muffin Mom, the Stage Mom, the Stay at Home Mom, or any type of mom that is out there, after joining the ranks of motherhood we all attempt to become one of them. Here is my take on what types of moms are out there.

The Earth Muffin Mom (EMM)

This mother is also known to everyone as the “No one else has given birth before” mom who will immediately let you know that you are not a ‘real mom’ if you didn’t have a home birth with an amazing doula, said yes to the drugs, don’t serve organic food, don’t home school, and don’t give a shit about global warming. After she’s sat down with her organic tea and ensured her second-grader has a good latch, she’ll happily tell you why you failed at breastfeeding, where you are going wrong as a parent and how you can fix it.

The Techno Mom (TM)

This is the mom who has her blackberry, Smart phone, or I phone glued to her ear 24/7 and pretends to listen to her children as she responds with a steady stream of “uh-huhs”, “that’s nice” “one second sweetie” and “mommy’s almost done”.

Beauty Queen Mom (BQM)

Hard to believe but her newborns Burberry sleeper is the equivalent to a monthly mortgage payment on your house, and the UGG boots she sports actually coordinate with her diaper bag and baby bottles. This photo-ready Mommy always looks as though she just stepped out of a fashion magazine and is ready to walk the red carpet, and her children? Well they wear more designer labels on their tiny butts than your closet will ever house in a lifetime.

Sports mom from Hell (SMFH)

Watch out! This is a mama with an agenda, that being getting her child to the Olympics, or to the big leagues and she will stop at nothing. Sideline rage is a daily activity, and she sees nothing wrong with threatening the gymnastics coach.  Just throw on the leotard, get on the high beam and do the damn back handspring connection yourself.  If you actually suspect you may be one of these mommy’s here are a few friendly reminders:  soccer is not a full contact sport, and Tae Kwon Do is the art of kicking and punching for the purpose of self defence – not kicking the crap out of someone because you’ve had a bad day.

Stage Mom (SM)

This is the mother who is living her dreams of stardom through her offspring.  She has them signed up with the agent, rushes around to auditions, and is willing to do anything (and I mean anything) to ensure her child is the next Oscar nominee.

Stay At Home Mom (SAHM)

This is the mother that is fortunate enough to stay at home with her children while her perfect husband goes out and makes the dough.  She is the neighbourhood Martha Stewart, attends all school functions, cooks the perfect dinners, bakes the perfect cupcakes for those school functions and did I forget to mention her house is immaculate as is the Mini Van she drives?

Super Working Mom (SWM)

She again has an immaculate house and Mini Van, (and usually has a sporty mommy car that she drives around in looking so very cool when she is without children) holds down a full time job, has time to bake picture perfect muffins, cakes and cookies for school functions, has time to take her children to evening activities and watch them.  She has the perfect husband and perfect children, and would appear to have the perfectly balanced life and the ability to do it all. 

Recognize yourself?  What type of Mother are you? Do you like yourself or wish you could be another type of mother and if so which one?



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Well the Momof6 has started a new journey with 8 children now, and so the contest begins!  Over the next week I would like to hear all of your suggestions on a new name for my website – and please not Eight is Enough – LOL.

The winner will win your choice of one of my original handmade crochet spring hats  or one of my funky crochet sock monkeys!

In order to avoid confusion and not to miss any suggestions please leave your suggestions on my website not my facebook page.

So get your creativity on and help this busy mama please!

Thanks to all….