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All This and More

 Journey of the 6PackMom

             The difference between this and a circus is that circuses run with a sense of order.  Chantel Kowdrysh loves her children, all six of her children, all six of her noisy, crazy, joyous, running about screaming, pushing, fighting, ADHD child, and developmentally issued children.  It doesn’t matter if they are enjoying the hell of shopping together, the nightmarish adventure of traveling anywhere together, the insanity of school mornings or the quiet tenderness of a few moments between mother and child.  She’s determined to make it work, or go even more insane trying.

             Chantel has been taught a great many valuable life skills from having so many children all under the age of twelve.  She has learned how to balance the needs of each one against the needs of them all.  She has learned how to make each child feel special and singular in their own way, and most important, she has discovered that it is not the correct approach to strangle those other moms who give her the stare the screams “Can’t you control your children?” and instead responds with the following “Try it as an estranged wife of a husband who works out of province and only comes home, at gunpoint, under the threat of death!”  That usually keeps them quiet. 

            Chantel spends what quiet time she can get writing for the magazine Mississauga Kids, and various parenting web sites. If she cannot be found at her laptop sipping a wildberry, then she can be found behind the wheel of her big suv, with a Timmies triple, triple.

            A former Canadian National Gymnast, she traded in her six pack abs for a six pack of kids and now she is looking for the keg.


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