Mommy Meltdown

In Daily life on May 31, 2010 at 3:39 pm

March 23rd, 2010 by 6packmom

Today I cried.  I had finally had it.  Having children on the spectrum really sucks, and I have gone on for so long with just “dealing with it” every day that it finally happened.  Mummy meltdown.  Not to have a poor pity me session but seriously it was bound to happen.  How long did I think I could actually go on here with 6 children, no help, and two on the spectrum.  Granted there are other children who have far worse disabilities, but here in this household it is bad enough.  The worse thing about having a child on the spectrum is that the do not look like they have a disability.  They look so typical.  But back to the mummy meltdown.  It was probably brewing over March break as each child came down with a nasty stomach bug, one after the other.  So when it was back to school today I was glad to be back into the regular routine.  However, my Joshua had a rough time getting back into the school thing and didn’t want to go.  I finally managed to get him into the truck and over to the school, but once there he put up a terrible fight and wouldn’t get out.  I had to call out the VP who fortunately for me is a great guy and totally gets Joshua.  So after about 15 minutes of Joshua screaming, kicking, hitting and trying to run off, the VP managed to get him under control and into the school and so I left.

Then I cried.  Hard.  The flow of tears felt like it would never end.  For half an hour I allowed myself to scream “why me?”  I allowed myself to yell at all those ignorant people who claim Autism can be cured by diet, or other things that only give us parents false hope. I allowed myself to feel the guilt and shame that comes along when my son chases the garbage man in his truck down the street screaming for him to give back his stuff, or when he has violent outbursts, or when he has a meltdown in the grocery store.  I allowed myself to feel guilty about not being able to spend more quality time with my 4 typical children because Zak and Josh require me 24 / 7.  I allowed myself to be me, not the supermom people think that I am.

Then I stopped.  Wiped away the tears.  I am a wife, a bitch and the biggest advocate for my all of my children.  I am a momof6 who only has time to feel sorry for herself for about half an hour, once a month or so.  Times up. 

  1. Oh Dear. That does sound like a rough morning! I hope the cry helped and that the day gets better from here.

  2. Just think of the crying as a way of washing yourself of any pain, anguish, and pity you feel… Making room for the strength and stability you’ve managed to give your children throughout their lives. 🙂 Good luck!

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