What must the Neighbours Think!

In Daily life on May 31, 2010 at 3:52 pm

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

So after a busy day of tae kwon do tournament, dance recital and birthday party I was finally able to sit down with a friend of mine and a wildberry volka cooler and just watch my children play in the back.  Joshua has been put on risperdal and appears to be somwhat calmer.  He was playing with a kite that he stole out of a birthday present bag that is for Arielle’s friend. One of those little things I have learn’t not to get upset about.  So all was okay –  Marie and Arielle were performing a dance for us, Ryley was trying to copy them and then suddenly out of nowhere comes spiderman leaping across the lawn trying to take out Marie and Arielle.  Yes Spiderman!  Okay really it was Sebastian but he looked adorable in his new spiderman mask and gloves.  Thats when it suddenly got really loud.  Ryley then decides to run out of the back yard to chase Joshua who was attempting to fly his kite down the street, then Spiderman runs out chasing Ryley then Zachary follows screaming “Spiderman wait!”  So picture it with me –

My Aspie oblivious to all except his kite running down the street attempting to fly the kite, 3 year old chasing Joshua, Spiderman chasing babe, 4 year old screeching after spiderman.  Then comes me!  Screaming after all of them to get back to the house, of course they have no interest in what I have to say and just carry on.  They then turn around and start running towards me laughing.  Then whack!  Josh’s kite hits a tree, the string snaps and the kite is stuck up in the tree branch. 

By this time the new neighbor who has moved in a few houses down looks at us like we are crazy and rushes back into her house.  I think maybe she saw the sign at the grocery store warning people about me and my wild children.

So we all march back to the house (except for Josh who is very upset and guarding the kite)  we retrive the lengthy pole for the pool and go back to the tree where we are successful in our rescue of the kite.  As we head back towards home Marie and I are carrying the pole.  Ryley then jumps up and hangs on the pole as we walk swinging like a monkey.

If the neighbors didn’t think we were a bit crazy before they surely do now!


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