Why You Need Friends

In Mommy Politics on June 5, 2010 at 4:52 am

Okay I admit it.  I am part of the Parent council at my childrens school.  I volunteer when I can because I like to be involved in my childrens education particularly because two of them are autistic.  But the other day I overheard another mother make the comment that she doesn’t bother with the parent council because she hasn’t got time to sit around gossiping, drinking coffee, and listening to school politics.  I had to laugh.  Wouldn’t all of us mommy volunteers prefer to be sitting around with the hot looking fathers, but seeing as that isn’t going to happen, then I’ll take the parent council!  Really I have made some good friends at the school, and if it wasn’t for some of them I would probably be a Platnium level bitch by now as opposed to a gold level one.  But her comment did make think about the people that I have met, and so I came up with a list of why a few of these these women have become close friends.

  1. They don’t mind babysitting my children.  All six of them.
  2. They do give me the look when I spend over $500 at Costco, come home unpack it all, then ask to borrow a bag of milk.
  3. They can call me up and order me to get my crazy children out of their house.
  4. Don’t assume I am having an affair just because I comment on a hot daddy.
  5. Doesn’t sulk when you have a mommy’s night out, without them.
  6. Doesn’t feel they have the right to offer advice on your marriage just because they listen to me whine about it atleast three times a day.
  7. After kicking at leasty twenty toys out of their way just to get through my front hallway they don’t ask why I haven’t cleaned up.
  8. After two glasses of wildberry they don’t suggest I stop.  Instead they hand me over the whole bottle.
  9. Don’t suggest I need more sleep, but suggest maybe I really need the hot daddy.
  10. Never say to me six children!  How do you do it?

There you have it.  Show me a mommy who doesn’t need the Parent council and I’ll show you a mommy who gets talked about the ones who do!


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