The 6th in line

In Daily life on June 8, 2010 at 2:25 am

As Ryley approaches his 4th birthday I often wonder what goes through that mighty brain of his!  Being the last in line of 6 children I have discovered that he has a few attributes of his own.  He is the house hudini who discovered how to escape the house and go live with the neighbors for a few hours before we even realized he was gone.  He is stubborn as an ox, already knows how to take down his siblings, is the household clown and will no doubt be a comedian or a game show host when he gets older.

Part of the sixth childs uniqueness is that he has no history.  No record of his birth, no scrapbook, hell there is maybe one or two photos of him and to be honest I am not sure if they are even of him!  This is the benefit of having so many children that look alike.  Each photo taken becomes a photo of all of them.  The first child has a cupboard full of photos, the 2nd and 3rd child share a cupboard, the 4th and 5th child share a drawer, and Ryley well maybe one or two photos are floating around.  “Yes Ryley that was you, playing in the park.”   “Of course thats you Ryley!  Look at that smile!”

Any illnesses Ryley has had are quite uneventful, his first words with the exception of f*** fell on deaf ears, and his potty training was somewhat of a lonely affair as no one really cared what he did in the bathroom. 

I believe Ryley learned early on that he was the odd guy out, and would have to fight to get his way.  How it must suck to be the last one to sleep in a real bed, or be the last one out of a car seat, to be called the baby all time, or worse be called five other childrens names before your own and half the time that never happens you just get called number 6!  Then of course their are the comparisons.  “Oh look he has his fathers cubby cheeks.” “You’ll never be as tall as your brothers.”  “Why can’t you behave like Zachary?”  The poor guy it never ends.

That being said I believe there is something special about the 6th child who thrives on neglect, the one who can get his own food, dress himself, and just always appear so grown up.

He knows who is and has learned two very important lessons, something his siblings have hard time grasping.  Competition and how to be independant.


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