Cell phone crisis

In Daily life on June 21, 2010 at 5:48 am

I was looking at my new hip cell phone the other day and realized there is a small hazard in having it.  I call it the cell phone crisis.

At least once a day while I am out somewhere I will be summoned to answer my cell phone only to hear the voice of one of my six children saying “Mom we don’t like the babysitter she’s mean.  Can we ditch her and go to the park?”

Remembering I am in a public place, I will attempt to keep my composure and shout “You ditch the babysitter and I will kill you!”

Now for obvious reasons I cannot leave my children in the care of their father or a babysitter without them having my cell number, but then I am left in a precarious situation as my children like to stalk me while I am out.  Some of the things they phone me for are really ridiculous, however if I chose not to answer their calls I would be assaulted with such terrible guilt.  What if they were being hurt, what if the house was on fire, what if, what if, what if…. and so I answer it.  Every time just so my children can electrify me with urgent decisions such as the following:

“Can I have a pop?”

“Can I split a can of pop with Marie?”

“Guess what Ryley did?”

“I got an A on my math test.”

“Guess what daddy said about you?”

My cell phone crisis typically reaches a feverish pitch when I have to be out for more than just a few hours and I am struck with fear by the following call:

“Mom this is Joshua.”

“Give me the phone! Mom this is Arielle, tell Joshua to stop hitting me!”

“I didn’t hit her! She went outside to the neighbours!”

“Mommy ,this is Ryley. When are you coming home?”

Me “Where is the babysitter?”

“She’s on her cell phone, talking to her boyfriend.”

“Mom Joshua hit me again!”

“I kicked you!”

“I’m bleeding! Moooooom!”


Imagine the calls I would get if I had a job?


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