In Daily life on July 9, 2010 at 2:30 am

            There isn’t a time when my house doesn’t seem to have more children then I gave birth to.  It’s as though people think that because I have six children I have a free drop in centre or I really won’t notice any more children.  Well I guess the truth of the matter is sometimes I don’t.

            Take the other day for instance we were sitting around the table when my oldest daughter asked me how many siblings she had.

            “Five.” I answered thinking surely she must have fallen out of her bed last night and banged her head.

            She looked at me with a serious expression. “There are eight children eating lunch right now at our table. Who doesn’t belong here?”

            I was stuck.  One had my eyes, the other my nose, a couple of them had my hair….. I was getting really confused.

            “Okay would the real Kowdrysh children stand up please?”

            The children all exchanged dramatic glances.  One slid his chair back as though he was going to stand up, but changed his mind.  Five other children slowly stood up and Marie looked at me with a glint of satisfaction on her face.    A poor little blonde girl just hung her head as she continued to eat the food I had just served her.  I kind of felt bad, but on the other hand I seriously wondered what these children’s mothers thought when their children disappeared for hours at a time.  Did they re-arrange their rooms?  Go out on lunch dates? Go shopping while they had no child whining and complaining about how they really wished they were at my house?     

            I think it is flattering when my children’s friends want to join our family but there does come a time when I  have to send them home.  I know that time has come when I call their parents to let them know they are safe at my house and they don’t know who I am talking about.  When I noticed they are coming down with something and make a Dr.’s appointment for them.  Or when the school teacher calls and wants to talk to me.

            These two children have definitely been at my house too long.  A few hours ago their parents came by to pick them up and about ten minutes later I called the police to report them missing.


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