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You have too many children when…..

In Daily life on August 12, 2010 at 9:31 pm

1)      Complete strangers feel compelled and welcome to comment on your fertility and contraceptive methods.

2)      Friends announce how many people they’re feeding at Thanksgiving and it’s fewer people than in your family.

3)      Two of your children go for a walk and get asked by a new neighbour if they’re foster kids.

4)      You have to carry two health insurance cards in your wallet- because that’s how many it takes to fit everyone’s name.

5)      You take the wrong child to the dentist simply because your handwriting on the calendar was messy and you thought the    “A” was a “J”

 6)  Grocery shopping for 6 children and 2 adults for a 2 day trip constitutes a “small” shopping trip for you.

 7) You find yourself relating some small incident to your husband and starting with the words, “Well, I only boiled 16 eggs for breakfast…”

 8) You buy a 20 lb box of bananas intending to make banana bread and freeze a bunch for smoothies…but your children eat them all first.

 9) You find a root canal relaxing.

 10)  It takes you twenty-three minutes on the phone to schedule your children’s dental appointments.

 11)   You’ve given up on using your toaster entirely and make all of your toast under the   broiler in the oven.

 12)   You find yourself thinking, “Wow, the house is so quiet and peaceful with only four children”.

 13)   You have three laundry baskets devoted entirely to those lonely socks seeking their mate.

 14)   When you got to buy your children those cool “spin toothbrushes” because you think they get their teeth so much cleaner…but the store doesn’t carry enough styles/colors for your children to each have a different toothbrush.

 15)   When you still have four children that are required by law to sit in a carseat or booster seat.

 16)   You call the doctor to get your children their flu shots, and they tell you they don’t have enough in the office and need to order more from the health department.

 17)  You spend fifty dollars on socks and not everyone gets new socks.

 18)  You go shopping at Costco and the cashier asks if you’re having a barbecue for the local soccer team.

19)   When you book into a hotel and have to pay for two rooms because you’re only allowed 4 to a room.

 20)   You don’t qualify for any family rates (ANYWHERE) because you have more than 4 children.


Benfits to c-sections? Give me a break!

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              I feel sick to my stomach.

             Not because I am pregnant, but because I just read through a bunch of blogs / articles written by various people (I won’t mention any names) who seem to think it is really neat to be able to schedule the delivery of your baby via c-section  – and the best part?  Some of these women have never even had a c-section! ( there is an article in the magazine Oh Baby by Julie Cole that is actually a Good article on C-sections so read that one for sure).

            I have six children.  My first was a vaginal delivery and she did get a little stuck at the shoulders but all was okay.  She weighed 6lbs 8oz.  My second was a disaster.  He was laying transverse, face up and so big (almost 9lbs) the Dr. was not my obstetrician because Joshua had decided to arrive a few weeks early (imagine what he could have weighed had he been full term!) so this Dr. tried everything to get him out – vacuum, forceps, punching my stomach…bottom line Joshua should have been a c-section but wasn’t and so consequently was born a “blue baby” and in distress.  It was a horrible experience and to this day we still ponder whether it was because of his lack of oxygen due to his birth experience which led him to be Autistic and ADHD.  We will never know of course but the question still hangs over my head almost every day like a black cloud.

            Through ultra sound and other tests we discovered that my third child Sebastian was indeed another boy and by 36 weeks he was already measuring big so my OB and I decided that I would have an induction to hopefully get him out before he became too big like his brother had been.  Opps did I mention I am only 4feet 11 inches?

            The induction was done at 37 weeks and started out well, however Sebastian decided to follow his brothers footsteps and turned sideways.  That was all it took – It was decided that a c-section would be the safest option for both me and Sebastian.  It ended up that I was required to be put under general anaesthetic, lost a lot of blood and required a blood transfusion.  After the fact I also developed a really bad infection that spread throughout my body and required me to be back in the hospital without my new baby for almost a week.  Oh yeah people the benefits are really stacking up!

            The last three babies were c-sections.  Why?  It had become obvious that my babies were typically too big for me to deliver safely, and honestly, I had already experienced practically every type of birth you can imagine (with the exception of natural birth, water birth or a home birth) and had had enough.  I was scared to go through all of that again.  I had almost lost one baby so as long as my babies were delivered safely I didn’t really care which way they were brought into the world. 

            So are there Pro’s to having a c-section?  Yes but in my opinion many of them are simply ones for convenience such as:

  1. Knowing the exact due date
  2. Being able to avoid the scrambling around and trying to get someone to watch your children if you go into labour at 3am.
  3. No actually labour.
  4. Being able to stay in the hospital for a few days – hey this was really my only vacation away from the other children.
  5. Having people dot over you because you have just had surgery (okay I didn’t really get this luxury but I know many who have.)


In my opinion there are more cons to having a c-section that are not convenient at all:

  1. It is a major surgery and has risks involved.
  2. There is pain involved.
  3. It is harder to care for your newborn and even harder if you have more children at home.
  4. Recovery time is much longer.
  5. You end up with a nasty scar that for some lucky women fades and you never see it again, however if like myself and you have had more than one c-section you may have a really nasty scar that bulges and gives what I call an “overhang” of skin. Ewww.
  6. It is actually quite unnerving to walk into a surgical room, see all the instruments and realize your stomach is about to be cut open.  As well you may be frozen but you still feel a tugging as your stomach is mutilated and your baby is pulled out.

              I am pregnant again with my 7th child and will undergo my 5th c-section in February.  Am I happy about that?  Not particularly but I am fortunate that I have an amazing OB who understands and cares about me and my body and is willing to answer my questions even after so many pregnancies. If I could, I would love to deliver this child vaginally but it just isn’t safe and I am okay with that.  I do not feel as though I am a bad mother or cheating myself or baby from a real birth experience.  In fact I know I am a great mom because I am giving my child what is best for him or her – a safe entry into this world, and isn’t that what is really important? 

Until next time



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            I don’t know about other parents but I confess the thought of my children returning to school after two long months of summer vacation, brings tears to my eyes.  Not tears of sadness mind you, but tears of joy.  Don’t get me wrong I love my children and enjoy spending the summer with them – however, taking care of six children under 12 and being pregnant with my 7th has made me exhausted!      Getting ready is not easy but here are a few things I do to get everything in gear!

v  Do not wait until the week before school starts to get everything.  Many stores have school supplies on sale during the months of June and July so buy in bulk to help cut the financial burden, especially if you have a big family.

v  If your children eat lunch at school than buy lunch time essentials during the summer and store them where the kids can’t see or get them.  Quite often juice boxes, Kool–aid, fruit snacks etc… go on sale over the summer months.  Take advantage of the lower prices and stock up!

v  Establish your children’s schedule at least two – three weeks before school starts and post it all on a big calendar.  Use different colours for each child to mark down activities such as dance, soccer, or Tae Kwon Do.  Don’t forget to schedule in Mommy time and a date night with the hubby as well!

v  Create a homework schedule around the children’s evening activities. If you have some children who are too young for homework, still set aside a time for reading, colouring, tracing letters, or colouring.  This way they know what to expect each evening and there is no rushing around trying to cram everything in.  As well, it creates wonderful studying habits and organizational skills.

v  About two weeks before school starts I start setting earlier bedtimes and wake up times.  Each night they go to bed five or ten minutes earlier and wake up five or ten minutes earlier.  Doing this allows their bodies and minds time to adjust.

v  When buying the children new clothes, slip in a few items for yourself.  (Remember, the date night).

v  Finally stock up on wine, beer, or whatever your drink of choice is.  You’ll need the first week school starts!


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            Perhaps I should have been born in the late 1940’s because by the time the 60’s rolled around it was commonplace for couples to have four, five, or six children without anyone raising an eyebrow.  Now a days of course it causes others to question your sanity, question your fidelity ( were they really  conceived between you and your husband?) or to ask you the most rudest questions such as the following:

1: Do you know what birth control is?

2: Are any children from a different marriage?

3: Why would you want so many?

4: You have two with special needs, isn’t that enough?

5: Wow, your husband must be good in bed (for the record he is – but is that anyone’s business?)

Ask any mother with multiple children and more than likely she will tell you the work is all relative.  The first child is completely overwhelming with so much work and requiring so much time.  No one understands why you are happy one moment, crying the next, and a few minutes later screaming hysterically.  Any social life you once had is now non-existent so why not add a second child for the poor little burden.  For myself the second child was the hardest, however once number three was popped out he had no choice.  He had to get in line and wait his turn.  After the third I found it just got easier and easier.  Of course one of the brood will be the offspring that lessens the load for the others but I wouldn’t advise giving them that little bit of info unless you are prepared to pay some expensive therapy bills later on in life.

Although are several challenges of a large family there are many advantages:

1: The children always have someone to partner up with, play with, argue with, and fight with.

2: typically you don’t have to worry about where they are because play dates are always at your house.  Why?  Because all of their friends think it is cool to be at your house because you don’t watch over them like it is the first play date, they can be louder, and there are more children to play and fight with.

3: More children to build tents and castles with.

4: More children to plot against mom and dad with.

5: They could share the blame for things but they usually don’t.  Usually they blame everyone else, and why not?  There are more children to point the finger at.

6: At restaurants you sometimes get served faster because they want you to finish and get the hell out.

7: There are more children to run around with and talk to when they are supposed to be sleeping.

8: as soon as your oldest child is old enough you have a built in babysitter.

9: You have no need for pets.  You’ve got enough monkeys

10: What could be more inviting than a loud and interactive household?