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            Perhaps I should have been born in the late 1940’s because by the time the 60’s rolled around it was commonplace for couples to have four, five, or six children without anyone raising an eyebrow.  Now a days of course it causes others to question your sanity, question your fidelity ( were they really  conceived between you and your husband?) or to ask you the most rudest questions such as the following:

1: Do you know what birth control is?

2: Are any children from a different marriage?

3: Why would you want so many?

4: You have two with special needs, isn’t that enough?

5: Wow, your husband must be good in bed (for the record he is – but is that anyone’s business?)

Ask any mother with multiple children and more than likely she will tell you the work is all relative.  The first child is completely overwhelming with so much work and requiring so much time.  No one understands why you are happy one moment, crying the next, and a few minutes later screaming hysterically.  Any social life you once had is now non-existent so why not add a second child for the poor little burden.  For myself the second child was the hardest, however once number three was popped out he had no choice.  He had to get in line and wait his turn.  After the third I found it just got easier and easier.  Of course one of the brood will be the offspring that lessens the load for the others but I wouldn’t advise giving them that little bit of info unless you are prepared to pay some expensive therapy bills later on in life.

Although are several challenges of a large family there are many advantages:

1: The children always have someone to partner up with, play with, argue with, and fight with.

2: typically you don’t have to worry about where they are because play dates are always at your house.  Why?  Because all of their friends think it is cool to be at your house because you don’t watch over them like it is the first play date, they can be louder, and there are more children to play and fight with.

3: More children to build tents and castles with.

4: More children to plot against mom and dad with.

5: They could share the blame for things but they usually don’t.  Usually they blame everyone else, and why not?  There are more children to point the finger at.

6: At restaurants you sometimes get served faster because they want you to finish and get the hell out.

7: There are more children to run around with and talk to when they are supposed to be sleeping.

8: as soon as your oldest child is old enough you have a built in babysitter.

9: You have no need for pets.  You’ve got enough monkeys

10: What could be more inviting than a loud and interactive household?

  1. Work wise it’s the washing that gets me. Though now, the older girls are quite good at helping. The three year old really wants to help, which can sometimes lead to a catastrophe :-), and the ADHD one, normally wanders off somewhere else, (general rule is: to help someone else, who is not a part of our family).
    I have so tried the monkey/pet discussion with them, but they insisted that there are four of them to look after a pet. So we bought an aquarium and little fish. Those poor fish. I should have known. I’m rubbish with house plants, as I forget to water them (no matter how hard I try to remember). And fish don’t exactly shout for their dinner do they?

    I like the wide eyed, disbelieving, “Are they all yours?”

    • Hi Sarah
      We had fish a long time ago – (I think there was only 4 children then) but they seemed to just keep dying. Good thing I am better at looking after children then fish! lol My 3 year old likes to do the recycling so far this is okay it is when he plays garbage man that we have a few issues!:)

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