You have too many children when…..

In Daily life on August 12, 2010 at 9:31 pm

1)      Complete strangers feel compelled and welcome to comment on your fertility and contraceptive methods.

2)      Friends announce how many people they’re feeding at Thanksgiving and it’s fewer people than in your family.

3)      Two of your children go for a walk and get asked by a new neighbour if they’re foster kids.

4)      You have to carry two health insurance cards in your wallet- because that’s how many it takes to fit everyone’s name.

5)      You take the wrong child to the dentist simply because your handwriting on the calendar was messy and you thought the    “A” was a “J”

 6)  Grocery shopping for 6 children and 2 adults for a 2 day trip constitutes a “small” shopping trip for you.

 7) You find yourself relating some small incident to your husband and starting with the words, “Well, I only boiled 16 eggs for breakfast…”

 8) You buy a 20 lb box of bananas intending to make banana bread and freeze a bunch for smoothies…but your children eat them all first.

 9) You find a root canal relaxing.

 10)  It takes you twenty-three minutes on the phone to schedule your children’s dental appointments.

 11)   You’ve given up on using your toaster entirely and make all of your toast under the   broiler in the oven.

 12)   You find yourself thinking, “Wow, the house is so quiet and peaceful with only four children”.

 13)   You have three laundry baskets devoted entirely to those lonely socks seeking their mate.

 14)   When you got to buy your children those cool “spin toothbrushes” because you think they get their teeth so much cleaner…but the store doesn’t carry enough styles/colors for your children to each have a different toothbrush.

 15)   When you still have four children that are required by law to sit in a carseat or booster seat.

 16)   You call the doctor to get your children their flu shots, and they tell you they don’t have enough in the office and need to order more from the health department.

 17)  You spend fifty dollars on socks and not everyone gets new socks.

 18)  You go shopping at Costco and the cashier asks if you’re having a barbecue for the local soccer team.

19)   When you book into a hotel and have to pay for two rooms because you’re only allowed 4 to a room.

 20)   You don’t qualify for any family rates (ANYWHERE) because you have more than 4 children.


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