True thoughts of a pregnant mom

In Uncategorized on September 13, 2010 at 1:57 pm


            I don’t usually post about things like this but last night I had the strangest thought.  Actually it wasn’t just strange but scary as well.  I suddenly had this overwhelming fear of what if I prefer one baby over the other?  How crazy is that?  God knows I am no stranger to parenting, and most of my children were close in age (18 months apart, 15 months apart, and 14 months apart) so I am accustomed to having two young ones together but here is the difference – by the time the new baby arrived the other baby had its own time with me, and developed his or her own personality.  This is going to be so different I will have two babies who are identical and pretty well at the same stages together PLUS six other children to tend to!  Now that is just crazy in itself. 

            Even though these little babes are identical they will still have their own little personalities and individual likes / dislikes I assume, which brings me back to my original thought.  I suppose my thoughts are somewhat similar to those of a mother pregnant with her second or third child who asks herself “how can I find enough love for all my children?” “How can I spend time with all my children and still meet the demands of a newborn?”

            I know as soon as these little ones are born and I look at their little cute faces all of these thoughts will vanish.  I will do what I have done with all of my children.  Love them, nourish them, and be there for them.  With so many children you do what you have to do and it is amazing how a mother can survive so little sleep, and everything else that goes on.  It is an inner strength that is reserved for such times.

            But for now I do have another crazy thought that maybe not so crazy.  I am not a tall woman.  (Okay I am damn small)  What if my belly gets so big that I can’t even drive?  Now that would actually be sort of funny.

          What types of strange thoughts and fears did you have while you were pregnant?


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