My vent for the day

In Uncategorized on September 22, 2010 at 1:44 pm

            So the shock isn’t so bad anymore and seeing how fast and huge my belly is getting I am starting to slowly emerge from my denial and accept the fact that I will not be giving birth to just one child, but to two children.  My six pack will soon be expanded to an eight pack and lord help me but I am not sure I can do this.  Eight children?  That part is slowly sinking in but the thought is somewhat daunting.

            I realize that having twins is pretty not out of the ordinary anymore and not considered a big deal to most due to the incredible surge of woman having supertwins (triplets or more) thanks mostly to the invention and higher use of fertility drugs.  However for me, having twins is a big deal because they are identical and I am now considered High Risk.  I never realized or even thought about how much more riskier a multiple pregnancy could be, but because my two little guys share a placenta and outer chorion (yeah don’t ask me!) there is the chance of them developing TTS (Twin transfusion syndrome) this is when one twin gets more nutrients and blood supply from the placenta than the other twin so the one twin doesn’t grow properly.  It can actually cause a lot of issues but I won’t freak myself out by writing about it. LOL.

            I do think though that my two biggest issues right now are being able to get enough rest while taking care of 6 children all on my own, and then taking care of 8 children pretty well on my own when they are born.  Oh I know I will do what I have to do and deal with it the best I can but shit that is a lot of children! Again I realize that eight isn’t as many as some crazy people out there such as the Duggers but let’s look at that family shall we?  First of all I think she is great and so brave to go through so many pregnancies, however she has a husband who is home on a daily basis and she also has so many older children that they are the ones who practically raise the little ones.  They are also able to help with cleaning, laundry etc..

            Then there is the bitchy Kate + 8.  Okay I guess you already realize I don’t particularly like her.  Again though, yes she has 8 and is divorced but she has exploited her children for her benefit so she can achieve the fame that she wanted.  It worked.  Now she has enough money for nannies, body guards (who also seem to help out) has mentioned things on her show (hmmm tummy tuck anyone?) and presto they happen! And how the hell does she get all these people to help her when she goes on trips with the children?  I have never seen her on her own really with them all. They also have one thing that I do not.  They do not have any children with special needs, that I know of.  I am not saying they have it any easier than I will – okay scratch that I guess they do. 

            I guess my take on these reality shows is that to me they are not really reality.  They are staged.  Have you ever seen their homes in complete chaos?  Maybe you see some toys on the floor but they always seem to be on the floor in an organized fashion.  Parents with more than 2 children can understand when I ask where the hell is the piled up laundry that you seem to be behind on AGAIN?  Where are the clothes that typically appear to be scattered all over the house because your children can’t get dressed in just one room?  The socks that they have taken off as soon as they walk into the house where are they?  Coats, shoes, hats on the floor instead of hanging up or in their assigned cubbies?  The fighting between siblings?  Seriously!  Next time you watch one of those shows (if you do) take a really close look and enjoy the view because you sure as hell won’t find any of that in my house!


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