In Pregnat again on October 5, 2010 at 2:09 pm

            You hear of some crazy food cravings from pregnant woman, however I have to admit during my first six pregnancies I was pretty boring.  I didn’t really have any strong desire to eat pickles and ice cream or anything else that wild.  Yup I wasn’t exciting at all.  Then this past summer happened and everything was weird.

            First of all I shouldn’t have even got pregnant but for whatever reason some higher power felt it would be in my best interest to get pregnant again but what I couldn’t understand was why I was so sick all the time and so tired!  Being pregnant was supposed to feel wonderful so why did I feel so crappy?  Then something strange happened.  I was out doing some grocery shopping and was getting some lunch meats for the children.  Suddenly I HAD to have the Maple Leaf Natural Selections Chicken, I had bought it several times in the past but this was strange I wanted it so badly!  I could hardly contain myself from dipping into the pack while finishing off the rest of shopping, so as soon as I got into the truck I dug in!  Nothing had every tasted so good.  I am fully aware that given the amount of children I have my local grocery store has a warning poster with my picture on it so I was just hoping that nobody was watching me wolf down this chicken! 

            This craving went on for months.  I must have eaten at least four to five sandwiches a day, and it was always the same thing.  Maple Leafs Natural Selection Chicken, on a bun with mayo.  It was basically the only thing I could keep down anyway so I figured this was a good sign and at least it was yummy.

            The whole craving thing got me wondering though.  During the spring I had attended a special blogger event hosted by Maple Leaf Foods (check out the link to read my article on that) where we were given information on what Maple Foods was doing to improve their products and service, served a delicious meal, and given some wonderful products to take home, one of which was the Natural Selections Chicken.  Was my craving somehow related to the blogger event?  Did Michael McCain and his crew somehow brainwash us all with secret subliminal messages? 

            After dropping off my children on the first day of school my OB called to give the results of my ultra sound – I was carrying identical twins.  It now made sense why I had been so sick and tired, but my chicken craving?  No idea.  Although the idea of being brainwashed is highly entertaining it is somewhat doubtful, perhaps it was the twins just letting me know I required more protein, or maybe they just know a good product when they taste it.

            What strange cravings did you Mamma’s have while pregnant?  Did they surprise you?  Let me know, I promise no brainwashing will be practised!

Until next time,

The sixpackmom

  1. jalapeno stuffed olives (I could eat jars full)and fresh fruit!!!

  2. How you doing there. Haven’t heard from you in a while…

    • Thanks for asking – I have had some issues with one of the twins. They originally thought it was twin to twin transfusion which it may develop in to, but at this point there is a discordance in the placenta that they share so one twin is getting more than the other so the one little guy is much smaller and trying to continue to grow. I am being monitored / seen at one of the top hospitals here in Canada and the top perinatalist so this is good. We are basically counting down the weeks hoping he continues to grow at his own pace and can make it until it is safe to deliver if needed. I go back for more tests tomorrow so we will have a better idea of where we are at. Hope all is well with you Chantel

  3. How did your tests go? Hope all is well xx

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