A New Journey For The 6packmom

In Daily life on February 21, 2011 at 5:09 pm

A New Journey for the 6packmom

There are no words that can express the feelings a parent goes through when you are told one of your children may die before they even have a chance to enter the world.  The only words that I can use to express how I felt when told one of my twins may not make it due to him suffering from the beginning of Twin to twin transfusion and being IGUR is complete shock, disbelief and a feeling of complete emptiness.

Every week I would make the trip downtown to Mount Sinai to have an ultra sound to check on the babies development and growth.  Every week I would feel the stress of knowing the ultra sound may show that one of the babies was no longer alive or being told they have to deliver them immediately.  Finding out you are pregnant with not just one baby but identical twins should be a joyous time – not one filled with stress and constant worry.  One of the hardest things that I had to endure each and every day was not just being on limited / bed rest but attempting to appear as though everything was okay for the sake of my other six children.  My two oldest children who are still young at ages 11 and 13 knew more than the others but not everything.

The OB I was seeing each week is one of the top Dr.’s in Canada when it comes to Twin to twin transfusion so I knew being at Mount Sinia I was receiving the best care possible.  I was told from the start that the first milestone to get to was 24 weeks then 28 weeks.  When I reached 30 weeks I was relieved and started to feel less stressed out as I knew if they were to be born my little boys chances of survival were excellent.  32 weeks passed and finally I reached 34 weeks and they had to be delivered.  January 29 2011 at 4:58am and 4:59am Thatcher Ike Kowdrysh and Tanner Adam Kowdrysh entered the world.  Although they were pre-mature we were so fortunate in that they had no real major health issues.  Tanner’s weight was very low at just over 3lbs but being IGUR we expected that.  Thatcher’s weight at just over 5lbs was very good.  They had a few breathing issues, low blood sugar and jaundice and Thatcher has a heart murmur due to some tiny holes in his heart that are known as ASD’s.  These should cause no health issues and have no impact on what his level of physical activity can be.  As well they should close on their own within the first year.

So I had thought I was done having children after my sixth was born four and half years ago, but obviously someone had other plans and I couldn’t be happier.  I have been blessed with not six children but eight and wonderful friends and family that are able to be part of their lives. Once pregnant with Thatcher and Tanner the journey of the 6packmom became a journey of 34 weeks filled with worry, stress, and the unknown, yet we were able to beat the odds and I became a mom again to two beautiful little boys who in my eyes are my little miracles – and now a new journey begins.

  1. Hearty Congratulations to you and all your family. I thought of you so often the last weeks and I’m so happy to hear all has finally turned out well.

    Our 4yo old was born with a little hole in her heart but it did heal by itself. It took just a little over a year.

    Welcome to the world Thatcher Ike and Tanner Adam! And well done to your Mum!!!

  2. Thanks! I have been reading your posts but only have just been able to set aside some time to actually get online. I am so impressed with how much you are able to post! Awesome stuff!

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