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Well the Momof6 has started a new journey with 8 children now, and so the contest begins!  Over the next week I would like to hear all of your suggestions on a new name for my website – and please not Eight is Enough – LOL.

The winner will win your choice of one of my original handmade crochet spring hats  or one of my funky crochet sock monkeys!

In order to avoid confusion and not to miss any suggestions please leave your suggestions on my website not my facebook page.

So get your creativity on and help this busy mama please!

Thanks to all….



My vent for the day

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            So the shock isn’t so bad anymore and seeing how fast and huge my belly is getting I am starting to slowly emerge from my denial and accept the fact that I will not be giving birth to just one child, but to two children.  My six pack will soon be expanded to an eight pack and lord help me but I am not sure I can do this.  Eight children?  That part is slowly sinking in but the thought is somewhat daunting.

            I realize that having twins is pretty not out of the ordinary anymore and not considered a big deal to most due to the incredible surge of woman having supertwins (triplets or more) thanks mostly to the invention and higher use of fertility drugs.  However for me, having twins is a big deal because they are identical and I am now considered High Risk.  I never realized or even thought about how much more riskier a multiple pregnancy could be, but because my two little guys share a placenta and outer chorion (yeah don’t ask me!) there is the chance of them developing TTS (Twin transfusion syndrome) this is when one twin gets more nutrients and blood supply from the placenta than the other twin so the one twin doesn’t grow properly.  It can actually cause a lot of issues but I won’t freak myself out by writing about it. LOL.

            I do think though that my two biggest issues right now are being able to get enough rest while taking care of 6 children all on my own, and then taking care of 8 children pretty well on my own when they are born.  Oh I know I will do what I have to do and deal with it the best I can but shit that is a lot of children! Again I realize that eight isn’t as many as some crazy people out there such as the Duggers but let’s look at that family shall we?  First of all I think she is great and so brave to go through so many pregnancies, however she has a husband who is home on a daily basis and she also has so many older children that they are the ones who practically raise the little ones.  They are also able to help with cleaning, laundry etc..

            Then there is the bitchy Kate + 8.  Okay I guess you already realize I don’t particularly like her.  Again though, yes she has 8 and is divorced but she has exploited her children for her benefit so she can achieve the fame that she wanted.  It worked.  Now she has enough money for nannies, body guards (who also seem to help out) has mentioned things on her show (hmmm tummy tuck anyone?) and presto they happen! And how the hell does she get all these people to help her when she goes on trips with the children?  I have never seen her on her own really with them all. They also have one thing that I do not.  They do not have any children with special needs, that I know of.  I am not saying they have it any easier than I will – okay scratch that I guess they do. 

            I guess my take on these reality shows is that to me they are not really reality.  They are staged.  Have you ever seen their homes in complete chaos?  Maybe you see some toys on the floor but they always seem to be on the floor in an organized fashion.  Parents with more than 2 children can understand when I ask where the hell is the piled up laundry that you seem to be behind on AGAIN?  Where are the clothes that typically appear to be scattered all over the house because your children can’t get dressed in just one room?  The socks that they have taken off as soon as they walk into the house where are they?  Coats, shoes, hats on the floor instead of hanging up or in their assigned cubbies?  The fighting between siblings?  Seriously!  Next time you watch one of those shows (if you do) take a really close look and enjoy the view because you sure as hell won’t find any of that in my house!

True thoughts of a pregnant mom

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            I don’t usually post about things like this but last night I had the strangest thought.  Actually it wasn’t just strange but scary as well.  I suddenly had this overwhelming fear of what if I prefer one baby over the other?  How crazy is that?  God knows I am no stranger to parenting, and most of my children were close in age (18 months apart, 15 months apart, and 14 months apart) so I am accustomed to having two young ones together but here is the difference – by the time the new baby arrived the other baby had its own time with me, and developed his or her own personality.  This is going to be so different I will have two babies who are identical and pretty well at the same stages together PLUS six other children to tend to!  Now that is just crazy in itself. 

            Even though these little babes are identical they will still have their own little personalities and individual likes / dislikes I assume, which brings me back to my original thought.  I suppose my thoughts are somewhat similar to those of a mother pregnant with her second or third child who asks herself “how can I find enough love for all my children?” “How can I spend time with all my children and still meet the demands of a newborn?”

            I know as soon as these little ones are born and I look at their little cute faces all of these thoughts will vanish.  I will do what I have done with all of my children.  Love them, nourish them, and be there for them.  With so many children you do what you have to do and it is amazing how a mother can survive so little sleep, and everything else that goes on.  It is an inner strength that is reserved for such times.

            But for now I do have another crazy thought that maybe not so crazy.  I am not a tall woman.  (Okay I am damn small)  What if my belly gets so big that I can’t even drive?  Now that would actually be sort of funny.

          What types of strange thoughts and fears did you have while you were pregnant?


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                   As soon as Ryley’s fourth birthday had almost arrived one of the questions that kept coming up was “what are you going to do with yourself when all the children are finally in school?”

They then go on to portray a dismal picture of a lonely mother who plucks a hot wheel car and polly pockets out of the toilet and sobs uncontrollably into them, “My children! My children!” A woman who wanders through the house, unfulfilled, and fighting bravely against the realization that she has been replaced by a building filled with screaming youngsters and teachers she would like to sue for alienation of affection. A somewhat disillusioned mother without purpose who must somehow fill her day until the clock strikes three twenty, signalling its time to fetch the children from the dreaded place they call school.

Now unfortunately for some mothers this may be a rather accurate and sad prediction. This is the woman who didn’t have too many interests in the first place until her children came along, and then they were the answers to her problems. Suddenly she had a social schedule filled with playdates, was meeting new friends, had a reason to dress in real clothes each day and even wear some make up. She wore her children like a hat on her head and told everyone how much they needed her, when in fact it was her who needed them. To insane mothers such as me the first day of school for Ryley will be glorious! It will be over, and I will have done it. I will be able to get some well deserved peace and quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children and wanted them all but they haven’t always fulfilled my ambitions or help with my struggles for individuality.

 Some woman I know have emerged like beautiful butterflies from a cocoon like existence that was limited to naps, peanut free snacks, and driving children around. I have seen some assume leadership roles, and others develop artistic talents that surprised everyone including themselves. Unfortunately though I have also see some sink into depression, scrub the house from top to bottom, and mechanically repeat the same excuse, “I can’t….I have to deal with the children.”

From a woman who has lived through five starting school and another one starting I give you this advice. Allow yourself the luxury of one last look as he walks into the class, crying, as he begs for you to take him back home with you. When you finally get home pour yourself a cup of coffee or a stiff drink if you prefer and cry for at least ten minutes. Then if you still haven’t suffered enough take a walk around the house and let the quiet penetrate your eardrums. If you really want you can enjoy a round of guilt complex as well. (“Why did I yell at him this morning for drawing all over the bathroom wall with permanent marker?”) Now when that is all said and done, stand straight, take a big swig of your drink, then take a deep breath and look outside (if you can find a window that isn’t smeared with finger prints) and give yourself a pat on the back. There is a big world out there. Now go and enjoy it! I know I will.

Benfits to c-sections? Give me a break!

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              I feel sick to my stomach.

             Not because I am pregnant, but because I just read through a bunch of blogs / articles written by various people (I won’t mention any names) who seem to think it is really neat to be able to schedule the delivery of your baby via c-section  – and the best part?  Some of these women have never even had a c-section! ( there is an article in the magazine Oh Baby by Julie Cole that is actually a Good article on C-sections so read that one for sure).

            I have six children.  My first was a vaginal delivery and she did get a little stuck at the shoulders but all was okay.  She weighed 6lbs 8oz.  My second was a disaster.  He was laying transverse, face up and so big (almost 9lbs) the Dr. was not my obstetrician because Joshua had decided to arrive a few weeks early (imagine what he could have weighed had he been full term!) so this Dr. tried everything to get him out – vacuum, forceps, punching my stomach…bottom line Joshua should have been a c-section but wasn’t and so consequently was born a “blue baby” and in distress.  It was a horrible experience and to this day we still ponder whether it was because of his lack of oxygen due to his birth experience which led him to be Autistic and ADHD.  We will never know of course but the question still hangs over my head almost every day like a black cloud.

            Through ultra sound and other tests we discovered that my third child Sebastian was indeed another boy and by 36 weeks he was already measuring big so my OB and I decided that I would have an induction to hopefully get him out before he became too big like his brother had been.  Opps did I mention I am only 4feet 11 inches?

            The induction was done at 37 weeks and started out well, however Sebastian decided to follow his brothers footsteps and turned sideways.  That was all it took – It was decided that a c-section would be the safest option for both me and Sebastian.  It ended up that I was required to be put under general anaesthetic, lost a lot of blood and required a blood transfusion.  After the fact I also developed a really bad infection that spread throughout my body and required me to be back in the hospital without my new baby for almost a week.  Oh yeah people the benefits are really stacking up!

            The last three babies were c-sections.  Why?  It had become obvious that my babies were typically too big for me to deliver safely, and honestly, I had already experienced practically every type of birth you can imagine (with the exception of natural birth, water birth or a home birth) and had had enough.  I was scared to go through all of that again.  I had almost lost one baby so as long as my babies were delivered safely I didn’t really care which way they were brought into the world. 

            So are there Pro’s to having a c-section?  Yes but in my opinion many of them are simply ones for convenience such as:

  1. Knowing the exact due date
  2. Being able to avoid the scrambling around and trying to get someone to watch your children if you go into labour at 3am.
  3. No actually labour.
  4. Being able to stay in the hospital for a few days – hey this was really my only vacation away from the other children.
  5. Having people dot over you because you have just had surgery (okay I didn’t really get this luxury but I know many who have.)


In my opinion there are more cons to having a c-section that are not convenient at all:

  1. It is a major surgery and has risks involved.
  2. There is pain involved.
  3. It is harder to care for your newborn and even harder if you have more children at home.
  4. Recovery time is much longer.
  5. You end up with a nasty scar that for some lucky women fades and you never see it again, however if like myself and you have had more than one c-section you may have a really nasty scar that bulges and gives what I call an “overhang” of skin. Ewww.
  6. It is actually quite unnerving to walk into a surgical room, see all the instruments and realize your stomach is about to be cut open.  As well you may be frozen but you still feel a tugging as your stomach is mutilated and your baby is pulled out.

              I am pregnant again with my 7th child and will undergo my 5th c-section in February.  Am I happy about that?  Not particularly but I am fortunate that I have an amazing OB who understands and cares about me and my body and is willing to answer my questions even after so many pregnancies. If I could, I would love to deliver this child vaginally but it just isn’t safe and I am okay with that.  I do not feel as though I am a bad mother or cheating myself or baby from a real birth experience.  In fact I know I am a great mom because I am giving my child what is best for him or her – a safe entry into this world, and isn’t that what is really important? 

Until next time



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Do your children spend too much time playing video games and watching tv?   Check out my article at: http://www.mississaugakids.com/ for tips and ideas on how to encourage your kiddies to become more media literate…


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            I walked into the kitchen today, and was startled to find out I have a new child.  That’s right I now have 7 children.  I discovered this other child this morning when I found pudding smeared all over my new freezer.  I called to the children and asked them who had made the mess.  All six of them replied in unison “Notme!”

            Okay so obviously Notme is a little shit disturber who only appears in our household when something I am not happy about takes place.  I have attempted to find him, but to no avail, and then suddenly he shows up around the same time that mischief starts to brew.

            Notme showed up when the laundry room window was broken, a Caillou doll was stuffed in the toilet, toilet paper was strewn from the bathroom into the hallway and up the stairs, and the play room had toys thrown all over the place.

            Now I don’t mind extra children roaming the house, in fact I often find life a lot easier when my children have friends over because I hear less about what a horrible person I am, how hungry they are, and how there is nothing to do in our boring house of six children.  But this other child Notme was becoming a real nuisance!

            Not that long ago I found six baskets of laundry (that had taken hours to fold I might add) deliberately dumped out all over the family room floor. The children informed me once again the culprit was Notme.  Obviously these bratty brilliant children of mine were not lying, considering they all told me it wasn’t them but of course Notme.

             A few weeks ago I found a dozen eggs broken and all over the kitchen counter.  Once again it was you guessed it – Notme who was at fault.  I ran outside and half way down the street trying to catch him but boy he is quick!  The children cheered me on and pointed in the direction he was apparently running, but let me tell you he must be invisible as well as fast because I couldn’t even see him!  

            Last night was the final straw.  As I lay in bed something just didn’t feel right.  I moved my feet about trying to get the sheets over them.  Something was seriously messed up.  I pulled back the blanket and let out a shriek.  My $470 dollar Ralph Lauren sheets had a bunch of cuts in them.  Cuts that were obviously made by scissors!  Not caring that the children were sleeping I went straight to Ryley’s room and shook him awake.

            “Was it you who cut up my sheets?” I demanded.

            He looked at me and sleepily answered “No mamma, it Wasntme!”

            Great! Obviously Notme has a brother named Wasntme!  How long do you think he’ll want to stick around?

excerpt from book

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Confession #2 I used to be Go-Go dancer and very sexy. Then I had children.

It was never part of the plan to have so many children, it just kind of happened.  I guess it didn’t help that my husband, like most men, loves sex.  (Okay.  I admit it, so do I, but that’s beside the point).  After the first offspring was conceived, it just made sense that by the time she was 6 months old she should have a sibling.  Well it made sense to me at least. And so that is how it started.  I became a baby machine maker of sorts.  Penis in, maybe for more than a few minutes if I was lucky, baby conceived, bye, bye sexy body, baby yanked out, feel like shit, let’s start again!  

            I truly believe that there is truth in the claim that women lose brain cells while pregnant. God knows how many I have lost but I am sure it is in the millions!  Hell, I had six children over the course of 8 years.  If I wasn’t pregnant, I was breastfeeding, if I wasn’t breastfeeding, I was drinking, if I wasn’t drinking then I was pregnant again.  I did make me feel good to be supporting the diaper industry. It’s just too bad they didn’t feel the same desire to support me by handing out free diapers!  I attempted to use cloth diapers, I mean why not? By the time my fourth was born I was up to about 3 loads of laundry a day anyhow.  Yeah right, that really lasted.  Suddenly I had even more laundry piling up, and if I didn’t have a baby on my boob, then I was changing a diaper because everything he took out of my boobs was now coming out – well you get the picture.  I just wasn’t ready to be supermom.  Not yet anyway. 

Speaking of supermoms if you are reading this then please stop now and go buy a Martha Stewart book.  If you choose to continue than I cannot be responsible for the ugly feelings that may be spewed within your brain.

Happy driving!

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Here is an excerpt from the book I am writing

Confession #5: I used to drive a really hot 7 series BMW.  After my fourth child was born it was replaced with the mommy mobile – a huge ass sport ute.

Parenting experts suggest that when travelling in a vehicle with children, to be prepared.  Have a special bag of activities to help fight off boredom such as travel games, play “I spy”, color pictures, watch a movie blah, blah, blah.  These things sound great in theory until you actually put it to the test with six children all in the same vehicle!  Travel games are wonderful if you like them thrown at you while you are driving.  Why are they being thrown?  Because said children are fighting over who won, who cheated, and who doesn’t know how to play right. Need I go on?

            So for all of you parents attempting to create peace in your vehicles here are few things that have worked for me in my crazy life with six children.

1.  Always keep a bag stashed away full of junk food.  Yes, you read correctly, junk food.  Nothing stops two or more children fighting faster than junk.  I caution you however, do not keep chocolate in the vehicle.  There is nothing more disgusting than pulling out a melted chocolate bar!  The site of a melted chocolate bar is also a trigger for more fighting by children. (I call this chocolate bar blue balls).  Remember, always be one step ahead.  If you insist on being one of those earth muffin moms than I applaud you, and feel free to dish out the healthy snacks and forgo the junk food.  However, I can guarantee you the effect will not be quite as good.

2.  Have a tote full of coloring books for younger children and pads of blank paper or notebooks for older children so they can draw their own pictures or write a story.  CAUTION: If you have leather seating in your said vehicle DO NOT allow pens!  Ink is almost impossible to get off the leather!  Trust me I have experienced this first hand.   Instead, offer pencil crayons, crayons, or regular pencils.  Mechanical pencils can be more exciting, however, there is the possibility of children poking your leather or fabric seats, or simply poking each other. Washable markers would be another option, but I have yet to find markers that are actually really washable. 

3.  An option to watching a movie, is to listen to an audio cassette.  This allows the children to listen rather than have their eyes glued to the tube.  This may however, really start to get on your nerves.

4.  Portable gaming systems are great as long as each child has their own, and is not required to share.  Stuck in a car for too long, sharing can only happen for so long until the fighting starts up again.

5.  For trips lasting longer than ten minutes, pack extra clothing.  Actually it is even better to keep an extra bag in your vehicle with spare clothes and don’t forget the extra towels.

6.  Gravel is my best friend and can be yours too. 

v  If your children like to bicker and fight in the vehicle have them remove their shoes.  You never know when they might be used as weapons in the heat of the moment.  Such as was the following case.

            Zachary was mad at me for being the mean mommy and not taking them to Burger King.  Ryley decides to chime in and start whining for fast food as well.  I give them my mean mommy voice and tell them to shut the hell up please be quiet. It worked.  Crap!  Ryley’s shoe hits my head. Hard.  See what I mean?  Happy driving!




Please….scream louder

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Well little Zachary has had a rough few weeks but the other day was a real woozie.  I seriously thought his screaming and meltdowns couldn’t get any worse.  It did.  On our way home from school Friday I pulled out of the kiss n’ ride and he started crying about his seat belt not feeling right.  Joshua who knows all to well when things “don’t feel right” tried fixing his belt.  The screaming and crying got louder as he complained it was twisted. It wasn’t.  But to a child on the spectrum it doesn’t matter if we don’t see it twisted.  He feels it and can’t cope.  Just before we got to our house Joshua adjusted it again.  I park the car in the driveway and all hell breaks loose as he starts screaming for me to turn around and go back we have to start all over.  He kicks the seat infront of his and gets hysterical when I tell him we can’t go back. 

I will let you in on a secret.  When Joshua was about the same age if I did not take the exact route home every day the same thing would occur and he would beg through his screaming and tears to please go back and start again because it wasn’t right.  This was before I knew anything was wrong and felt as though I somehow did something to distress my own child that yes, I would actually turn around and start all over just so I wouldn’t have to deal with a two hour meltdown.  Thankfully gas was cheaper then!

After about fifteen minutes of Zachary still in the car hitting me, screaming and refusing to let me take his seat belt off I finally got him into the house where he screamed, ripped up a picture he had done in school, and then ran out of the house screaming for me to take him back and start again.  I brought him back in only to have a meltdown of swearing, throwing things, hitting me, scratching, jumping up and down and begging me to please take him back.  Finally he was exusted after about an hour of this and started banging his head on the chair as he rocked back and forth with his blankie.  My 6 year old daughter Arielle and 7 year old son Sebastian were happy he finally had stopped and came downstairs out of hiding.

It can be difficult some days – okay most days – but as my little Ryley continued to sleep through it all, and my other 4 sat around Zachary (not too close of course) to listen as I read Zaks library book “Franklin and the dark” I realized that I couldn’t have asked for 6 better children.