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“Opps I did it again!”

In Daily life on July 27, 2010 at 6:59 pm

So as most of you who follow my blog are aware that my husband works out of the Province and is only home next to never.  So after five months of being away he came home at the begining of June and was here for almost a month.  I have to say that he was very productive while here.  Spent time with the kiddies, gave me a whole new laundry room, renovated the kitchen and gave me a new baby.  Yes that is correct, due to some technical difficulties with birth control we are expecting our 7th child in February 2011.  I am still picking my jaw up off the floor and adjusting to the fact that I am about to turn 41 and am pregnant again.  The actual due date is March 10 but it will be another c-section (the 5th – it is possible to have more than 2) so therefore the c-section’s are usually done during the 38 week so that brings us to the end of Feb.

The funny thing though is that even though I have been pregnant six times I am still pouring over the books (updated ones of course) obsessed with counting down the weeks, how I look (getting bigger already) and just being pregnant in general.  It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been pregnant – nothing changes (for me anyway) I still find the thought of a tiny being growing inside my body fasinating and well quite obsessive.  I think about it all day and half the night when I am back and forth to the bathroom.  I also curse my husband for doing this while I am standing over the toilet and while I drag myself around forcing myself to stay awake.  This is the thing I cannot stand.  The tiredness!  I don’t think I was ever this tired.  I am sure it has nothing to with the fact that I have six other children to run after, my age and that I am on my own here…..LOL.

So although this an “Opps I am pregnant again!” I am excited and look forward to not only sharing my adventures with six, but the adventures of having another on the way.  If I wasn’t insane before, I must be close now.

Until next time

The 6packmom + 1