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                When I was pregnant with my sixth child I received so many unwelcome stares and comments it was seriously messed up.  I actually had one friend ask me how I could bring another child into this lousy messed world when I had already been blessed with five, one had special needs and my husband is never here. (let it be known she is no longer my friend). 

                How sad.  My other children thought there were many good reasons for me to have so many.

                I need a personal slave, someone to answer the cell phone while I m driving, someone to give directions when I am driving, find my missing truck keys, unload the groceries from the truck, and of course help put the younger children’s in their car seats.

                I needed children around the house to eat all the leftovers that even the neighbour’s dog wouldn’t touch.

                I need someone to shove out of the truck to save a spot in line at the movie theatre while I find a parking spot for the big truck.

                I need someone to run in to Timmies and get my coffee when there isn’t a drive throu.

                I need live- ins to help raise the younger children by taking them to the bathroom every five minutes and babysit for free.

                I need an excuse for my big ass and flabby upper arms.

                I need material for my Christmas newsletter and blogs.

                I need someone to practice psychiatry and medicine on (“if you don’t take your ADHD medicine you will become a wild beast!”)  and  (“Turn down the Ipod or you will go deaf!”)

                That’s their story. Mine of course is even more biased.

                I have brought so many children and will bring even more children into this lousy messed up world because when you love somebody they love you back and the world doesn’t seem so lousy and messed up.

                I have given them life because they have the same right I have been given to decide if this is a lousy messed up world or not.

                More than an image over the dining room table they are special to the universe now and will be when I am long gone.

                Some people decide to take the risk of becoming a parent to a child or children.  If we don’t, then who will be left to listen to ignorant people lament “I don’t want to bring a child into this lousy messed up world.”?


My Parenting Column

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I have always wondered how “Parenting experts” actually get that title.  Seriously what makes them experts?  Is it the fact that they have children, or that they are a Doctor, a psychologist? So if I have more than one dog would that make me an expert?  Well I have always wanted to have my own parenting advice column and considering I have six children maybe that makes me an expert.  I really don’t think so, but I do believe that I have lots of experience and advice that I could offer.  Here is an example of what my column might look like:

Dear 6packmom

My eleven year old daughter refuses to get out of bed in the morning, and when she finally does get up, she is grumpy and rude to everyone.  Do you have any suggestions for helping her have a better attitude in the mornings?


Dear CL

Have you examined what time she is going to bed?  Although she may not appear to be tired when it is time for lights out, perhaps you need to adjust her bedtime for half an hour earlier.  Her refusal to get out of bed may indicate another type of problem altogether.  Perhaps she is attempting to avoid going to school.  Is she finding a particular subject too hard? Has she has a disagreement with a friend?  Friendship issues can be very complex at this age.  I would suggest seizing the moment when she is a good mood, to sit down and talk to her.  Explain to her that you are concerned about her behaviour in the mornings and ask her if there is anything you can do to help.  If nothing comes about from talking to her, or setting an earlier bedtime, then perhaps the old method of a cup of water on the head would be a better option?

Dear 6packmom

My children refuse to eat what I set out for them at dinner time.  Any suggestions?


Have you actually taken a good look at what you are serving?  Have you yourself eaten it?  If you answered yes to both and still feel your cooking is good then here are a few suggestions.

Inform your children that if they do not wish to eat their dinner then you will undress right there at the table.  Trust me, the thought of their mother naked will get them gobbling up anything that may be on their plate!  Just be sure to follow through on that threat however.

If you are not prepared to get naked, then maybe serve dinner buffet style.  Most children are more willing to eat if they have a few options rather than being told what they have to eat.

Do not force them to “clean their plate” so called parenting experts suggest that by doing so you may actually enforce bad eating habbits and attitudes which may lead to eating issues later on in life.

If all else fails just let them be.  Do not allow them to leave the table until everyone else is done eating.  They won’t starve.

LOL Have any questions you want to shoot my way?  I will be more than happy to answer and offer what I can.

Till next time, the6packmom