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In Life with my aspie's on July 27, 2010 at 7:10 pm

What started out as really cute was soon to become my nightmare.  At about age 2 Joshua became fascinated with vaccums.  Everything he played with became his vaccum.  He would puposely make a mess and attempt to pull out the vaccum so that I would have to clean it up.  While I was vaccuming he would start to scream if I didn’t actually let him vaccum.  I thought wow, this kid is going to be super neat and tidy!

Then came the pictures.  Everytime the newspaper arrived he would grab all the flyers and spend hours looking through them in hopes of finding a picture of a vaccum.  Any type of vaccum would do as long as there was a picture.  When he finally found one he would stare at it for hours and then carry the picture around with him.  When he found a new picture the first one would be placed in a box until the box was filled and a new one started.  Thus the collection of boxes began.

By the time he was three the jig was up. I knew the “Cute” was no longer cute.  He was sleeping with vaccum parts and greeting people by immediately asking about their vaccums.  He would want all the details.  Did they own a central vac, a wet vac,  a regular vac, where did they keep their vaccum because everyone has a vaccum so they must have one,  could he see it, and finally he would offer his services of vaccuming for them.

I thought it very strange but figured it was a phase and would pass.  It didn’t exactly pass, but soon the battery issue took over and my struggles had just really begun.  But my batteries are wearing out so I will leave that story for next time….

originally written tuesday-april-21st-2009